Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We have 5-year-olds!!!

I can't believe these big kids are FIVE!!! They are such sweet, intelligent, lovable individuals and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. They're so grown up in so many ways now, and yet not in so many other ways.... ha!! With both beginning to assert their independence and test boundaries (and one of them amazingly strong-willed on top of that), it feels like a milestone for us too; to be able to say we've survived five years with twins! LOL ;-)

They are still super tall, too. Their 5 year checkup was a couple of days ago and here are their current stats:

Tanner~ 48.6lbs (88% weight) 47.25in (98% height)

Tori~ 44.8lbs (76% weight) 47.5in (99% height)

We celebrated their birthday the weekend before last with a fun swim party at Emler Swim School in Southlake. All the kids had a blast, especially the birthday kids, so I'd say it was a success! Here are some pics from the event:

And now for my favorite part... our Silly Pics! I found this little kit with backdrop and silly face props at Walmart the day of the party as I was grabbing some last-minute items. I was so glad I got it because it really made for some fun party memories!

The countdown to Kindergarten is officially on, with only a week and a half to go!!! The first day of school is August 27th and, while it is a bittersweet milestone and I'm sure I'll be a bit emotional that day, it cannot come soon enough!!! It has been a LOOOOOONNNNGGG summer - don't get me wrong - a fun summer, full of great memories and quality time together, but a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG summer nonetheless! I am ready to get everyone back into a routine and I look forward to some much-needed "think time" for myself and time to get some very overdue projects done around the house. Hopefully I'm not being too optimistic about my productivity since I will still have a baby with me 24/7. She's pretty easygoing though, so I hope to still be able to accomplish some goals... I'll keep ya posted! ;-)

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Jara said...

The party looks so fun! See ya at Meet the Teacher:)!