Sunday, June 19, 2011

Farewell, Firstborn...

This weekend was our last weekend with our beloved dog, Murphy, of almost 7 years. A few months ago, we made the extremely difficult decision to begin trying to find him a new home. After a couple of dead ends in the search, my Mom found a couple that has three other schnauzers and had actually been looking to add another to their family!

So, although it is very bittersweet, we know it is what is best for our family and for Murphy, too! He deserves more attention and care than we had been giving him for the past few years and having other dogs to play with will be an added bonus for him! And with another baby on the way, we know our household will only be getting more busy and chaotic, so it was time to make a change for everyone.

We will surely miss him and it will take some getting used to, but we are confident he will be so happy with his new family! We enjoyed him while we had him and will always cherish the memories we made with him, our sweet four-legged "firstborn."

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