Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Checking in...

It's been over a month since my last post... I'm really slacking at this blogging thing!

To catch everyone up, I'm am now in my 14th week of pregnancy and here's a comparison of how I looked at this point last time with how I look now:

Here is last time - 14 weeks with twins:

And this time - 14 weeks with one:
Ummmm... yikes! I'd say "things" fell right back into place this time and remembered just what to do! I guess the two photos are fairly similar, but I just feel like I'm already showing more than I should be. Or maybe it's that I'm still in denial that we're actually having another baby! heehee ;)

Everything is going great though. I've been so blessed with an uneventful pregnancy so far; no nausea, no weird symptoms, aches, pains... it's almost like I'm not even pregnant! So thankful!!! Except for the gigantic appetite and feeling more tired early on (I've been feeling more energetic this past week as I'm entering my second trimester), I really don't feel any different this time around.

We have some exciting few weeks coming up! First of all, my "babies" will be FOUR in just over a WEEK! OMG, I can't even believe it. I might cry. Then, just a week after their birthday, we have our big sonogram and get to find out who our little "tie-breaker" baby will be! Will the boys outnumber the girls or the girls outnumber the boys? We will find out August 15th...... BUT, don't hold your breath, because we're not sure when we will officially announce the news. We're trying to come up with some creative ideas on how to break the news and may have a "gender reveal party" so we'll have to see when all that takes place.

People have been asking me if I have a preference on gender this time around or what I "think" the baby is. I honestly don't have a preference on gender at all, just personality! HA! It's kinda cool already having a boy and a girl, so I will be thrilled with whatever we end up with. There are wonderful qualities about both genders! The personality thing is where I have a BIG "wish list" for God... hope He delivers! ;) I've made it very clear to Him that I want this baby to be the most laid-back, easy-going, sweet, docile, jewel of a child the world has ever known! That's not too much to ask.... right? ;)

As far as what I "think" the baby is, with the twins I would try to imagine two girls or two boys and I just kept going back to the feeling that it was a boy and a girl, I just always felt that it would be. So that was very thrilling to discover, at 17 weeks, that those feelings were accurate. This time, I really don't have that "gut" feeling either way. I've had a couple of dreams recently that also don't really help in my own guessing.

The first dream I had about a baby was just after I found out I was pregnant. I was with Brad, Tanner & Tori at Disney World wearing a baby sling and I looked down to see the most gorgeous baby girl in my sling with a head full of dark hair... she was beautiful! And why we were at Disney World with an infant, I have no. idea. crazy!
The next dream I had was just a couple of weeks ago. This time, I was at the hospital having to be checked for something and while the nurse was examining me she said, "Oh, let's just do a sono real quick." When she placed the scanner on my belly, instead of the typical black and white, fuzzy, blurry image, it was clear as day, in color, as if we were looking into a glass aquarium. I could see the baby clearly and it was a CUTE baby boy. He had a head full of dark hair that was spiked straight up and he looked just like his Daddy! He was so adorable!!! So, I can't put any stock into my dreams, except maybe for the head full of dark hair! LOL :)

Well, hope you all enjoyed my update for the month... ha! I'll be in touch in a few weeks with photos from the kids' birthday party and hopefully sono pictures and a big announcement!

Stay cool everyone, (seriously, is it hot enough?!?!?!!)

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Jara said...

You look great Leah! I remember having dreams like that, either way it is sure to be precious!!! Gender reveal parties are so fun - I've been looking at Pinterest - tons of party ideas there - have you gotten into it yet??? Can't wait to hear what it is!!!

Katie Garrett said...

Oh how cute! I love the pregnancy dreams about a big full head of hair, lol. I can't believe Tanner & Tori are turning 4!! It seems like just yesterday I was watching them every Wednesday and they were coming up on their 3rd birthday...I can't believe it's been so long.

Alla Cheban said...

Just wanted to say i absolutely love your blog! You are very creative :) Keep it up