Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, Part II: The Wonders of Wimberley!

So, to continue where I left off in my last post, as soon as we got on the road to Wimberley on Friday, the kids were OUT like lights! They were so tired from all that wonderful playing... looks like we'll be moving to the farm! Just kidding... but seriously, it was great for them to be able to get ALLLLL THAT ENERGY out!

We arrived in Wimberley around 3:00 Friday afternoon, where we met up with Grammy (my mom) and Uncle Chris (my brother). Our cabin was great! Brad and I slept downstairs with the kids in a room with a king bed and there was a bunk room upstairs with four twin beds. Every morning and evening, we got to watch the deer come up and graze near our front porch. It was such a thrill... even for the big kids! ;)
Brad captured these beautiful shots right outside our window!

And they're OFF! They are certainly very cautious creatures!

There were creatures everywhere...
We even found a hawk perched on a stump, hunting for his lunch!

These next two pictures crack me up! We had quite a time keeping the kids off of the spiral staircase in the cabin. We had it blocked with a chair most of the time, except when someone had run upstairs to get something and would be right back. My mom had just gone up the stairs when Tori sneaked over, and I caught the following "innocent" look from her:
"Nope, not me! I'm not doing anything Mom!"
And here's the look she gave after realizing she'd been caught! Hahahaha, she's such a trip!!!

Enjoying a morning stroll with Daddy

The Fall colors were GORGEOUS!!

Tanner goes "off road" to check out the tall grass

Mom and Chris walking

We stopped for a photo opp at a tree stump after Tori asked to climb up on it. Does she not look like she's on a parade float here?!?!! What a HOOT!
Princess Tori waving to her adoring public

Then, of course, wouldn't you know, her brother had to have a turn too!

And, just for good measure, we had to get one of them together!

Well, that concludes our fun Thanksgiving weekend. Hope everyone had a good one!

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