Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, Part I: Family Fun at the 4C Ranch!

We enjoyed our time at the family farm for Thanksgiving Day! We left town early Thursday morning and arrived before noon, just in time to feed the kids lunch and help out with the big feast that was scheduled for later that afternoon. Nana and Papa (my stepmom and Dad), had arrived earlier in the week to get everything ready for the big group on Thursday.

Nana and Papa recently adopted another Yorkie pup, Allie, and let's just say... the kids were ENAMORED with them!!!
Kids chasing the puppies, Allie and Remi

Tanner wanted to hold a puppy... here's Daddy helping him do it properly ;)

After lunch, the kids stayed very busy! They skipped their nap and just played outside to their hearts content until it was time to DRAG them back inside. (And that's literally what we had to do when it was time for Thanksgiving dinner... they LOVED it out there and I loved that they had plenty of wide open space to play!)

They enjoyed climbing on the fence together

This reminds me so much of me as a kid at the farm, always climbing the fence

The boys enjoying a little pasture-golfing
How stinkin' cute is this little golferboy?!?!!!

Daddy is already coaching!

Uncle Aaron helping Tanner with his swing

Tori and Aunt Mary were buddies for the day... they had so much fun together! (Aaron and Mary were married last September and this was her very first visit to the farm... it was so great that they were able to come for Thanksgiving!)

The guys built a GREAT bonfire this year! The Thanksgiving bonfire has become a tradition for our family over the past 10 years... it's something we all look forward to!

And here's the bonfire in action later that night with our crazy fire-jumpers... "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil" Silly boys...

Daddy and Tori taking a walk the next morning
Somebody looks sleepy!

After lots more playing on Friday morning after breakfast, fishing with Nana and playing with the puppies, we hit the road around lunchtime and headed for the second stop on our Thanksgiving road trip..... Wimberley, Texas!

(to be continued...)

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Jara said...

How fun that ya'll get to make memories at such a special place! Love the see/her/speak no evil pic - especially the guy in the pilgrim outfit:)