Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck The Halls With The Balls

Wow, it's been since Thanksgiving since my last post. Sorry for such a long delay! We've been busy enjoying the fun December festivities around here and getting ready for Christmas.... and, I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately too, truth be told.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids helping Grammy with the tree a couple of weekends ago:
She is so proud of herself!

Big kids!

Reach up high!

Mommy helping Tanner put an ornament up high

They were so proud of their work and felt so big that they got to help decorate the tree! I have to admit, I was dreading putting up a tree this year because of the destructive curious stage they're in right now, but they have really done well with the tree, a lot better than I expected. Sure, they've broken a couple of ornaments and knocked a couple off the tree, but it hasn't been the constant touching, telling them "No" over and over that I expected it to be, like with my Mom's TV setup... now, that's a nightmare! Her TV sits low to the floor, so they are constantly touching the screen (the fingerprints are out of control!) and her components (DVD, etc.) are exposed on a low shelf. So, it has been a daily battle to keep them from touching buttons, volume knobs and ruining the DVD tray as they cram it in and out, sometimes with a DVD hanging halfway out of it! YIKES!

So, I think the Christmas tree has been a big success so far compared with that! HA!

And here they are today, with the finished product:
(The only way I could get them both to stand for a picture in front of the tree was to say, "Hold Santa's hand!" They went for it! And yes, that's a doll baby bottle in Tanner's mouth... he wouldn't part with it for the picture!)

We're gearing up for our Christmas celebrations next week and looking forward to seeing family and friends... only 10 more days to go!

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