Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa 2009: Third Time's A Charm?

Before I unveil this year's photo, let's take a look back... you know, just for fun!

Santa 2007: My sweet four-month-olds were oblivious....

And how could we forget last year? Santa 2008....

To prep for this year's photo, we have been reading books about Santa at home and I had even taken the kids to the mall twice over the past couple of weeks for a Santa "walk-by," just to see him and observe from a distance. The first time we went to the mall, Tori was a little nervous but nothing too bad. Tanner was terrified and clung to me and would not so much as even look in Santa's direction. Santa had just finished with a child and had a break with no kids in line, so he came over to say hello and bring Tanner & Tori a lollipop and stickers. I thought he had won them over... they smiled, said "Thank you!," and even gave him high-fives!

At our second visit to the mall, we were with a couple of my girlfriends and, as soon as we rounded the corner to the Santa area, Tori ran up squealing with excitement! She even let my friend, Sadie, take her through the line for a lollipop and a story with Santa. Tanner clung to me, once again, and refused to look at Santa. Even the promise of lollipops and stickers would not persuade him that day! So, at this point, I just resolved to the fact that we wouldn't be getting a Santa picture this year. I didn't want to traumatize them unnecessarily, so we had just planned on skipping it this year, much to my disappointment.

Well, you can imagine my shock this morning when they woke up asking to, "Go see Santa!" "Are you suuuure?," I asked them, over and over. They assured me excitedly that they indeed wanted to go see Santa. So, I dressed them up in the nice outfits I had purchased just for this occasion and off we went to the mall.

So, without further ado, here is our 2009 Santa photo....

They COMPLETELY threw me for a loop and did a complete role reversal at the last minute! I just KNEW Tanner would be the cryer, but he held it together and SHE fell apart!!! During our wait in line, Tori had been waving at Santa and saying, "Cheeeeese!" as she showed us the cheesy grin she planned to use so Santa would give her a lollipop. Tanner was mostly stoic, quiet and just had a look of concern as we waited. Granted, he looks like he's working so hard not to cry, but he did it! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!

So, we got our Santa picture after all.... can you believe how BIG they are?!?!! When you compare all three of these photos, it looks like we skipped a year!


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Jara said...

They are so sweet! Cuties! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

This is WAY cute!