Monday, September 14, 2009

Mishmash Monday

So, I realize I've been a bad blogger lately. But, to try to make up for my lack of regular posting, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite photos from the past couple of weeks, so you will be brought up to date on what these two have been up to.

(Now, keep in mind, they are all random and may not relate to one another at all, hence the "mishmash.")

They were THRILLED when their brand new nap mats arrived and had to try them out immediately! This picture was taken literally just after I had pulled them out of the box. These nap mats are fabulous - If anyone is interested, I found them on ebay from seller allison5437

I LOVE this picture of handsome Tanner (it's probably one of the sweetest smiles I've captured on him recently)! He was enjoying his lunch on Labor Day weekend.
Tori also enjoyed her lunch... A LOT! This was just after she had held her empty plate up to her face so she could lick every last trace of mustard and ketchup that had been left behind.

This was Tori's first attempt at watercolor painting... she did great and was so meticulous with her paintbrush!
Tanner enjoyed his first painting experience too!

Yes, it's true. They no longer need my help on the slides at the park! They're getting sooooo big. :(

We have enjoyed this lovely "Mishmash Monday" at home, recovering from a busy (& rainy!) weekend. (Truth be told, all three of us never got out of our jammies today... I love lazy days like these!)

Friday and Saturday, I attended my father-in-law Frank's North Texas Christian Writers Conference, where I was honored to have the opportunity to lead the attendees in a brief time of worship after dinner on Friday. It was awesome! Then, I returned Saturday to enjoy a couple more conference sessions. I learned so much and my head is still spinning with all the information I'm trying to process. This was the sixth conference and I was amazed to see how large it has gotten! I attended the third year, but have missed the last two years (I guess I've been distracted for some reason!). Anyway, I'm just so proud for Frank and his team - it gets better and better each year!

Saturday evening, we attended a party for Brad's Honduras team, where they got to share pictures and stories (I know, I still need to write about his trip!). Sunday, my Dad was in town for work so he came over for Sunday breakfast and went to church and lunch with us. It was great to see him for a little bit and the kids had a great time with him (and I didn't get a single picture from his visit)! :(

And now I'm caught up! I hope you enjoyed the mishmash.

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