Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Fashionista

I knew the day was approaching when I would have my first wardrobe clash with Tori, I just didn't expect her to assert her sense of fashion so adamantly at the tender age of TWO! But boy, did she ever!

This morning, after dressing Tori for school, I reached for her pink sneakers that matched the cotton floral outfit she was wearing. I reached for her foot as I tried to put the first shoe on and she quickly jerked her foot away, saying, "No!"

She then proceeded to put on her fancy patent leather dress shoes that she had spotted on the floor by her dresser. With a proud grin, she looked up at me after she finished putting them on all by herself and said, "Did it!," as she broke into a spontaneous round of applause for herself.

At that point, I completely melted as I marveled at her adorableness and went about my day with a new awareness that black patent leather dress shoes really do go with anything.

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Jara said...

She sounds like my Kinsley - good luck girl! So CUTE!!!!