Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Family Friday

We enjoyed our Friday evening at home with some swimming and dinner on the grill. It was a great evening! Seems like it's always the most simple times that turn out to be the best!

These two are swimming like a couple of fish now... it's an amazing difference compared with how nervous they were in the water at the beginning of the summer!

Here's Tori and Daddy having some fun...

Tanner's turn...
Poor guy, his swim trunks just didn't want to stay on!

Case in point:

My busy bee, always has a project!

Excuse me, where did this 4-year-old come from?
Is it just me or does he look so much older in this picture?!?!!

He's gotten SO BRAVE!
He jumps off the diving rock all by himself now!

His signature move is the belly flop... doesn't seem to bother him at all!

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