Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

We had an awesome day yesterday with our friends Roni, Cason & Lexi at the Dallas Arboretum! Dallas Blooms runs March 7 - April 12 (Easter Weekend)... if you have a chance to go, I HIGHLY recommend it!

It was an absolutely gorgeous and perfect day and I'd say we got some beautiful pictures to show for it.... enjoy!

Tanner had a ball just running around being a boy!

Climbing the stairs...

This one just cracks me up! She was having so much fun running around and exploring that when I grabbed her for a quick photo, it was the end of her world! As soon as I let her go after the picture, she was off and everything was fine again... Oh the DRAMA! ;)

Here are some of my favorites of Princess Tori:

Awwww, little buddies!

Here's Cason... the photo turned out a bit blurry but I thought his smile was so cute!

Lexi running, having so much fun!

GORGEOUS! I am so pleased with how this photo turned out... isn't she just beautiful?!?!?!!

Cason got tired of walking, so of course Auntie Leah couldn't resist giving him a lift!

Here I am with my whole crew... I look like a pack mule, pushing two and carrying one! HA!

And here's how we looked at the end of the day! Cason was done (see how tired he looks) and he was having a hard time holding onto my head for that long, so I look a bit disheveled!!! LOL!!!


Jara said...

We were there yesterday too! I posted LOTS of pics on my facebook page - sorry we missed ya! Wasn't it GORGEOUS?!!!!

Jara said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful - and Roni's too! Love your pics!

Dustythemomhaskins said...

OH MY GOODNESS, you brave soul you!!! I love the pictures, Tori doesn't look happy with you. I love your honesty with these pictures. hilarious.