Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break FUN!!!

Well, it's Monday and we're officially out of "hibernation" now. When I say hibernation, what I really mean is that we had two weekends and a full week where we kind of disconnected ourselves from the world and just enjoyed and played and got to be lazy! What a wonderful, refreshing week it was!!! I hardly checked emails, facebook, twitter, etc... you know, all the time zappers. And I barely received any phone calls... maybe three the ENTIRE WEEK! That might not be good, because maybe it means no one likes me, but I must say it made for a very peaceful week!

Okay, let me just say before we dive into the pictures from last week.... check out these BIG kids!!! I think Tori, in particular, has hit a growth spurt over the past week and they both look huge to me, like they're already two-year-olds! Who are these people and what have they done with my babies?!?!?!!

So, here's Tori's new discovery...

We keep this barrier up behind the chair and sectional in the living room to prevent them from going into the dining room and kitchen, but she has tried to outsmart us by climbing over it now!

Look at that mischievous little grin....

Maybe if I smile pretty enough, Mommy will let me climb outta here!

On Friday, we left for a short weekend family trip to Austin to visit my brother and just get away and do something fun at the end of Spring Break. We had a great trip! Grammy came along as well to help out with the kids and let us have nights out... that was so wonderful! We needed it, thanks Grammy!

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend in Austin.........

We got our very own sunglasses:

We met Chris for dinner on Friday night at the Hula Hut on Lake Austin. It was a perfect evening!
Miss Tori just ADORES her Uncle Chris! As soon as she saw him, she reached out for him and wanted him to hold her.
Awww, my favorite dudes!
CHEERS! (Actually, it looks like Tanner is trying to dilute Uncle Chris's Corona with his water! LOL!)

We had so much fun running around our conjoining hotel rooms and playing peekaboo in the long curtains!
Where's Tori???
Where's Tanner???

On Saturday, we drove down to San Marcos for a little shopping at the outlets... what FUN!!! After lunch, we played around the fountain for awhile before getting back in the stroller.
Tori was fascinated with the water and wanted to jump in so badly... it was all we could do to keep her out of the fountain! She is FEARLESS!
She is determined!

And here's our attempt at getting them in the same picture with their cute (semi)matching outfits on:

We had a great weekend and just really enjoyed being together and not having a schedule! It was fun to just go and do whatever our hearts desired. It didn't matter what we were doing, just that we were together having fun! Now THAT'S a great weekend!!!

So long Spring Break, see ya next year!!!