Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Fun Family Weekend in Shreveport!

We had a very enjoyable weekend in Shreveport with Brad's family. We left on Friday afternoon to visit David, Sally and Hilaire (Brad's aunt, uncle and cousin) for the weekend. We arrived to a fabulous lasagna dinner on Friday night and just enjoyed each other's company, catching up on life. Saturday morning, all the girls went to Hilaire's yoga class, which was a great time! We rode bikes, relaxed, played outside, watched movies and just had a wonderful time with wonderful people.

Here are some photos of all the fun things we did:

Just a little boy having a big backyard adventure!

Here he is trying to ride on the broken rocking horse

Victoria...... Beckham?!?!! I didn't know I had a little supermodel on my hands! LOL!

She looks like she's practicing her strut for the catwalk!

Tanner was fascinated with the pine cones! "We don't have those where we come from, do we son?"

What a funny pup... Mr. Beeky sleeps upside down (he caught me taking his picture!). The kids really enjoyed chasing him around!

It ended up being a GORGEOUS day on Sunday, so we packed up our lunch and headed to a nearby park for a picnic. Little did we know, we were going to the COOLEST PARK EVER!!! This place was awesome! There was a music section with pipes and xylophones with mallets for the kids to experiment and make music. What a great idea! Tori started dancing as soon as she heard the other kids playing the instruments... the little dancing queen! Then, the actual playground itself was a huge and intricate system of bridges and walkways, slides and activities galore! If the kids were a little older and could do more, I'm sure we could've stayed there all afternoon.

What a fun time! Thanks for a GREAT weekend, David & Sally!!!!!


Mariah said...

I am glad you had a fun time away from the hectic-ness of work! The kids are getting so big and cuter with each post!!!!