Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Making Mischief

These two are busy getting into everything imaginable! I thought it would be fun to dedicate an entire post to show everyone what they've been up to.....

One day, while Tanner was still napping, I had Tori in my room with me while I was folding laundry. She had crawled into the bathroom and was rummaging around. All of a sudden, it got suspiciously quiet so I rounded the corner to check on her and........
She was having an absolute BLAST with the toilet paper! Look at the huge smile and look of pride on her face! It cracked me up - I couldn't be mad at that!
Look Mom, I even got your bubble bath!

I've learned over the past several weeks to keep their bedroom door closed because if I don't, the room will be ransacked faster than I can blink! They LOVE to crawl as quickly as humanly possible over to their window seat (where I keep a cute display of stuffed animals and their CD player) and yank every last item off of the seat as fast as they can.... including the CD player. Tori's latest discovery is opening the CD player and taking the CD out and crawling around with it and/or chewing on it. So, needless to say, our beloved lullaby CD is now retired due to irreparable scratches. Bye-bye Lullabies! :(
See what I mean? Mr. Elephant is already in the floor!

After they pulled everything down, I thought we might as well sit up there for a picture - I mean, come on, we can't pass up a great photo opp, right?
Awww, look at my BIG 14-month-olds!!!
Mommy with her favorite girl!
How is it that she looks sooooooooo much cuter in this hat than I do?!?!?!! LOL! ;)
Silly girl!
Tanner was too cool for Mommy's hat... he wouldn't leave it on his head long enough for me to snap a picture!

And finally, I saved the best for last. The kitchen has become their favorite place for exploration lately. The other day, Tanner found the pie pans and started hitting the bottom of one of them like a drum, so I wondered what he/they would do with spoons for "drumsticks." Well, you can find the answer below. (They also enjoyed admiring their reflections on the shiny bottoms of the pans!)

I think we've got ourselves a couple of drummers... they had so much fun making music! Mommy is so proud!