Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picnic Dinner

Fall is my favorite time of the year.... could this weather get any better?!?!! This evening, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do something different. So, we grabbed a blanket and some Chick-fil-A and headed over to Chisholm Park in Hurst for a picnic dinner. The kids seemed to enjoy the change of scenery, and so did we.

Here we are enjoying dinner together on our quilt:

Tanner & Daddy
Tori and Mom's foot :)

After we ate, Tanner was raring to go and wanted to show off his walking skills. The kid surprised us too! He stayed up on his feet for a record 45 seconds!!! He's getting a little tooooo good at this walking thing, if you ask me... Check it out:

We took the kids for a walk around the park in the stroller. We had brought some old bread with us and had planned to feed the ducks but there were several other people there with bread and the ducks weren't interested. I think they had been overfed, so we just went on with our walk and came back around to the playground.

Tanner & Tori really enjoyed swinging together. Who knew these baby swings were made for twins?!?!!? ;) haha!

Here are some cute pictures of that...

Next, Brad took each of them down the slide... they were thrilled!


My two favorite guys... aren't they cute?!?!!

We left after a few trips down the slide. What a fun evening at the park! We'll definitely have to do this again!

Next, I just have to share with you something hilarious that happened earlier today. It wasn't exactly hilarious at the time, but I'm laughing now...
No, it's not snowing in our laundry room.....

Today was laundry day for me (since I slacked on Monday - Monday is normally laundry day). I had a load of the kids' clothes in the washer and when it was finished, I opened the washer to this weird mess! I could not figure out what on earth it was at first glance, and then it dawned on me.....

I remembered back to a couple of nights ago, Brad and I were dressing the kids for bed after their bath and he accidentally dropped a wet diaper into their clothes hamper. Well, we obviously both forgot about it because today I just emptied their laundry bag straight into the washer, where the diaper exploded on all the clothes, emptying the diaper "gel" all into the washer, not to mention, also making all the clothes smell like pee! YUCK!

I wasn't really sure what to do and how to get all this nasty gel off of the clothes. I was afraid to put the clothes in the dryer for fear the gel would stick to the clothes if it got hot enough. So, I just decided to do another rinse/spin cycle in the washer and, "Viola!," that did the trick.

So, the moral of this story is... Never wash a disposable diaper! (And, if you do, just repeat the rinse cycle!) LOL!!


Jara said...

Those sweet babies are so precious! Looks like ya'll had fun!

The Houston's said...

Those swing pictures are cracking me up! I never would have thought about putting two kids in one, but it is PERFECT for twins! Who knew?

I've never washed a diaper before, but I hope to just learn my lesson through you! That was hysterical!

Mariah said...

Your children are so beautiful!!! Your daughter looks just like you! The laundry is hilarious when it happens to someone else.

We are past the diaper stage but when they get older, other things get stuck in their pockets that you miss...candy, gum, paper, crayons etc......