Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Toys

We're reeeeally enjoying all of our new toys! We've been busy, busy, busy over the past 4 days playing with all our new stuff - and we've been so worn out, we've been napping really well! THANKS EVERYONE! ;)

Here are some pictures of our latest discoveries......

Tori is learning to stand up behind this doll stroller (thanks Donny!) and has even attempted to push it around the room. She absolutely LOVES her baby dolls! Here she is with 2 of the 4 she received (we gave her 2 and are saving the other 2 for later). The one in the stroller was from The Baers and the one on the floor was from Grammy. She has her very own set of twins!
See my baby?!?!! She's so excited about them. She'll pick them up and talk to them (in a high pitched voice - almost like she's mimicking the "baby talk" she's heard from us!) and she studies their little faces, touching their eyes, noses and mouths very delicately. It's so sweet to watch!
Here's Tori "talking" to her baby
Another thing we love to do is chew on the baby doll's hands and feet... it feels so good to our sore gums!
There must be something about those feet that's extra tasty... brother likes them too!
Brother is learning all about the babies too. He's mostly fascinated with the different parts of the stroller (such a boy!) and is only interested in the doll itself when he gets the urge to chew!
Another great gift... they love this interactive caterpillar storybook (thanks Rob & Traci)! They've even had their first little tiffs over it!
This little sports center (thanks Donny!) is a hit also. This picture is from the first day after I had assembled it. I was showing them how to put the basketballs in the hoop. Tori wanted to grab everything and try right away, but Tanner just sat back and observed shyly..... until the next day.
I kid you not, I turned it on (it has fun music and a cheering crowd like you're at a game!) and the boy crawled over to it, picked up a basketball and dunked it right in like he had been doing it his whole life. When I clapped and went crazy for him, he just looked at me with a straight face - didn't even crack a grin - like, "Yeah. I'm awesome. So?" It was HILARIOUS!!! Then he just crawled off and found something else to play with.
Tanner with his first Tonka truck (thanks to the Dunlaps!)
They also both really like their Radio Flyer pony that Grammy gave them! So far, I only have a picture of Tanner riding it - here he is having a GREAT time!
Tori is really getting into the standing thing, especially now that she has all these toys that encourage it... here she is standing with their cool Walk-n-Ride toy (thanks Tom & Sadie!) while Tanner rubs his eyes (I think it was close to nap time!).

So, as you can see, we have PLENTY to keep us busy for the next many, many months! Who knew that new toys = longer naps?!?!! LOL!


Amber S. said...

I think that same caterpillar story book is what Jacob and Caleb had their first "tiff" over as well!! If it wasn't the first, it was one of the many we've had since... ;-)

They are beautiful and growing up so fast!