Monday, August 18, 2008

My Little Man

We took Tanner for his FIRST HAIRCUT this past Saturday and boy, does he look CUTE! He had been workin' on a pretty good little mullet for the past few months and it was just time. His hair was getting longer in back (and curly) and had gotten too long on top for us to spike it... it had become a full-blown Mohawk.

So, we headed out to McAlister's Deli for lunch on Saturday (they loved the mac 'n cheese!) and then over to Cool Cuts 4 Kids where he had his appointment. Here are some pictures from the big event:

Before: The mullet in all its glory...

Little Fireman - he enjoyed playing in this firetruck chair. All their chairs for little kids are different and fun! It's a really cute place with TVs for kids to watch cartoons at each station while they get their haircut. They even have video games for the older kids at each station.... such a genius idea! And the waiting area had tons of toys to keep kids entertained. (The toys were disgustingly filthy though, which was one of the drawbacks.)

During the haircut: He did so well and didn't seem to mind anything the stylist did to him.

All done: What a studly little man! The stylist spiked his hair with "Cookie Dough" gel... I wanted to nibble on his scalp the rest of the day, he smelled so yummy!!!

Oh! I almost forgot... we did the "Baby's First Haircut" service which included a little keepsake card with a polaroid picture of him after the haircut and a little pocket to keep his curly locks in.... so sweet. So, I have something to put in his baby book. I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, that was the highlight of our weekend. I wish I had a better "After" picture that showed the back and sideburns... it's so adorable! I'll try to get one this week to post.


Tommy said...

That is so cute! We just did the same thing a week ago and Noah was in the same firetruck chair! I love his spikes!

Jessie Sue said...

Ok I have no idea why that posted under tommy???? Weird!