Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tori says, "YAY! It's my birthday!" Tanner says, "Huh?"

Mommy couldn't find any cute matching birthday shirts for us, so she decorated these shirts for us with iron-ons that she found at JoAnn.... they really turned out cute!

And here we are wearing our birthday shirts......

I'm the birthday girl!

I'm the birthday boy!

Well, we made it! Today is our very first birthday and we celebrated by visiting the doctor for our 12-month checkup. Isn't that exciting?!?!! Grammy took the day off from work to spend with us too.

Here we are checking out the pretty fish at Dr. Tran's office in Grapevine - don't we look like big kids?!?!!

Here's our updates:
Tanner 22 lbs., 9 oz. - which puts him in the 46%-percentile for weight
Height: 32 inches - which puts him in the 96%-percentile for height!
Tori 20 lbs., 10 oz. - which puts her in the 43%-percentile for weight
Height: 30.5 inches - which puts her in the 88%-percentile for height!

So, they're tall and slim.... go figure! Guess they take after their Daddy! ;)

Part of Tori's birthday was going to be getting her ears pierced. We asked about it at the doctor's office and, come to find out, they do it there at the office which I felt much better about than going to the mall to have it done. So, we got Tori's ears all dotted up and ready to go. Dr. Tran pierced her ears himself and she looked so pretty! She did pretty well too! She cried a little, but she was mostly distracted with the grape-flavored tongue depressor they gave her to chew on... she loved that! Anyway, after the piercing the nurse and I kept staring at her ears and we finally came to the conclusion that the left one (her right ear, but left to us) was set a little too low and needed to be redone. We thought we would be able to redo it right then just to get it all over with in one day, but Dr. Tran came back in to look and thought it would be best to let it heal all the way first before we redo it because it wasn't off by that much and he didn't want the two holes to combine into one large hole, which I perfectly understand. So, needless to say, my baby girl now has only ONE ear pierced :( and will be going back in the next few weeks to have her other ear re-pierced. I felt horrible, though, because he had to take the earring out and that hurt her worse than having it pierced... I wanted to cry. But it's over now and she's fine. She just looks like a little rockstar with only one ear pierced.

So, that's the story if anyone wonders why my daughter only has one earring. I'm so annoyed, I'm sure I'm going to be having to tell this story 30 times a day until we get it redone...... *sigh*

After our doctor visit, we went to Grammy's old bank to see some of her friends. After that, we went to the Pizza Garden for lunch where we had spaghetti for the first time..... boy was that exciting (read: MESSY!)!!! And for dessert, Mommy and Grammy even let us have chocolate pudding for the first time as our birthday treat!

Now, we're back at home napping after a very eventful morning. We've had a GREAT first birthday so far!!!

We'll keep ya posted if anything else fun happens. We hear there might be a party coming up this weekend!


Bobby, Heidi, Ethan and Annaliese said...

Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS for hitting such a big milestone! They are absolutely adorable...but you already knew that! It just gets more and more fun from here!
Love you guys!

Worm's Woman said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO THE "KIDS" NOT THE BABIES ANYMORE!! Congrats! It's hard to believe it's already been a year since they got here.
They are just soooo adorable and I've loved your 12 days of pictures covering the year!
Have a happy one!

The Garrett's said...

Hey Leah, it's Angie (from the Met). I'm so going to have to copy your countdown idea for my little Sarah. Hers will start today, she's just a few weeks younger than your babies. Hasn't this year flown by?!