Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Month Eleven... So, we're up-to-date now with only one day to go! Thanks for going on this journey through the months with me.... it's been fun, huh? It's amazing how much they've changed in 12 short months. Each month, you can see subtle ways they've matured and by now, they've morphed into these little people. They're so much FUN! I could just eat 'em up!!!

Check out those growing FEET! Tanner thought this was so much fun... he figured out how to crawl up into this basket and kick his feet around!

Our fabulous hairdos...

Tanner's Faux-Hawk - This might be his last one. His hair has gotten so long, it's starting to get a little outrageous, but it was so cute while it lasted!
Tori's hair is finally long enough to pull into a ponytail on top and decorate with a clippie! Soooo sweet!

Big Girl.... this is how I find them now in the mornings and after naps - standing up in their cribs, talking to each other or calling for "dada" or "maaaaa." It's so precious. I wish I could freeze them like this!

But, we must move forward..........