Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're 11 Months Old!

Yep, that's right... we're closing in on our first birthday! Tanner & Tori have officially been 11 months old for over a week now, but we've been in Maryland with Holly and the girls, so I've been too busy to update.

We had a great week in Maryland visiting Brad's aunt Holly and cousins Zoe, Ally and Kassy. Here are some pictures from our fun week.....

Ally, Zoe & Kassy (They're getting so big! Such sweet and pretty girls!)

Tanner & Tori enjoyed pulling up on the step at Aunt Holly's house

We had so much fun at the community pool....
Tori in her cute new striped swimsuit

Kassy taking a break from swimming to eat lunch with T&T

All the swimming and splashing wore them out... here they are taking a nap in their stroller

We got all the kiddos together yesterday morning for a quick picture before we hit the road

And this is from last night's service. The little girl painting is the camp speaker's daughter. Brad thought it would be cool to kind of reenact the March of Dimes idea and have her paint during worship and then he completed the work during the message. I'll post that pic later.