Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family Weekend in Shreveport

Oh my goodness, I'm way behind. We had a great time in Shreveport last weekend with Brad's uncle David, aunt Sally and cousin Hilaire! They were so excited to see the babies in person for the first time. The babies also had their Grampa (Brad's dad), uncle Chris (Brad's oldest bro), aunt Katrina, cousins Kaleigh & Hunter to play with also! They had a blast - they really are very social little things and enjoy being around people!

And here's what we've been up to this week....

Mom came over to visit Monday evening:
Awwwwww.... storytime with Grammy

Tanner pulls up on the fireplace!
Tori masters the step up to the kitchen!

The "tooth count" is now up to 4 - all Tanner! He now has 2 bottom plus 2 top... when he grins, he looks like a little boy! Sooooo cute! Tori still has NONE! Here are Tanner's new chompers... I had to tickle him to get a big cheesy grin so I could capture the "toofers" on film.......
More cheeeeeeze!!!

And here we are "helping" Mommy pack for our big road trip....

That's right, folks... we're either reeeeally brave or slightly insane. We're taking our first BIGGGG cross-country road trip with the kids. Brad has been invited back to Kentucky Christian University where he has painted and led art workshops for junior high and high school kids at a youth camp for the past 2 summers (this is his 3rd trip, my 2nd - I didn't go last summer while I was pregnant).

Our plan is to leave tonight after Tanner & Tori's bedtime bottles and drive through the night to Newburgh, Indiana where we will spend Friday and Saturday night with a dear friend of mine, Crystal and her husband, Aaron. From here to Crystal's house is about 12 hours, so we should arrive there sometime between 8:00-10:00 tomorrow morning. Having two nights there should be a good break for the kids (& us!) until we head out again on Sunday morning for Kentucky, which is only a 4-hour drive from Crystal's house. Once we arrive at KCU, I plan to stay one or two nights with Brad and then the kids and I will travel 6 hours to Maryland to stay with Daniel & Holly (Brad's aunt & uncle) and the girls in Maryland for a week!

Should be quite the adventure.... wish us LUCK and say a quick prayer for safe travels!!!


Dustythemomhaskins said...

Where at in MD? I would love to catch up with you and the kiddos. I am in D.C. Let me know if we can meet somewhere, that would be great. Love hearing from ya