Monday, June 30, 2008


OOhhhhh my gosh..... look what I found when I went in to get Tanner out of bed today!!!!!!!

Yep, Tanner has figured out how to pull up in his bed and sharpen his new chompers on his bed!!! I was HORRIFIED!!! I need to find something to protect these cribs... and fast! I've seen the plastic covers that fit over crib railing, but I've never seen them wide enough for this type of footboard-style crib (it's a convertible crib - the back is the future headboard and the front, the part he is chewing, is the future footboard).

Any ideas would be MAJORLY appreciated!

Frazzled Mom

P.S. We had a GREAT time in Shreveport over the weekend. I will be posting pictures later after I get our current dilemma solved.... *sigh*