Friday, June 27, 2008

More Pics from our Painting fun!

Here are the additional pictures I promised from the March of Dimes fund raiser at Van Grow. I didn't realize they'd be so tiny though.... sorry!

So, to refresh your memory.... here's the "Before" - after all the kids had had a chance to paint on the canvas.......

..... and here's the "After" - after Brad worked his magic on top of the existing artwork to create a more "finished" piece. If you notice, the before picture was taken with the canvas standing vertically. If you take the above picture and flip it counter-clockwise, you will see elements of it in the finished product, which is now a horizontal piece.
I thought he did an awesome job, as always.... BEAUTIFUL work, Brad!!!


Jessie Sue said...

Wow. He is amazing!

Bobby, Heidi, Ethan and Annaliese said...

Yep, he's still got it! :-) Looks great!