Sunday, June 22, 2008

What we'll do for an iPhone...

That's right, little Tanner surprised us all last night when he became the first crawler in the Ball house. I say he surprised us because all week, we were thinking it would be Tori to crawl first because she's been working very hard every day at moving and twisting and scooting and maneuvering around (yes Grampa, that's a run-on sentence! Sorry!). I'm sure her crawling debut is only days away. She may have just needed her "big bwudder" to show her how it's done.

In other news, the official tooth count is now up to three... all Tanner's! He has his two bottom teeth and a top tooth actually broke through just today. Check out this pic I took the other day. I finally got one that showed his bottom teeth... sooooo cute!
Look at those chompers!

Here we are having another "birdwatching" session this afternoon (they love it!)

Earlier in the week, Tanner & Tori got to participate in their very first painting session with Daddy! Brad was invited to paint for a March of Dimes fund raiser that was held at the coolest little art place for kids in Fort Worth, called Van Grow (how cute is that?!).

He facilitated a painting session with a group of about 20 kids, ages 0-8 (all born prematurely) who got to paint to their heart's content on a large 4'X 5' canvas to create a unique piece of artwork that will be auctioned off at the next Signature Chef's event for March of Dimes. Brad will be refining the artwork to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that will be ready to hang in someone's home or business. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Here's a picture of the group and the preliminary "finished product" after the kids worked their magic with paintbrushes and fingers....

And a family picture after the event - I loved the fun and colorful walls at this place. Check out Mr. Flirty-Pants in this picture! I cracked up when I saw this... and Little Miss Sleepy - more than ready for a nap after all the excitement! She looks like a zombie! Ha!

I wasn't able to get pictures of the kids painting since Brad and I were holding them, but there was a photographer there taking pictures that should be sending me some this week. I will post them later in the week.

Have a good one!