Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Fun!

We are just swimming fools this summer! We had another swimdate with a different group of friends yesterday (a total of 6 kids again!) and we all had a BLAST!!! (I've coined a new term in case some of you were confused; "swimdate" - definition: a playdate that takes place in the pool) Tanner & Tori are present in the above picture... they're just hidden by their boats!

Let's introduce you to all our friends:

Sarah and her little boy Miles, 2.

Tasha and her little girl Faith, 2. (she and Miles are best buddies!)

Courtney and her baby girl Savannah, 7 Months, and son Jedidiah, 6.

We had fun JUMPING,....


.... and FLOATING!

And here's the whole group of kiddos relaxing on the couch after the fun.


Leah, Tanner & Tori