Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day Brad!

Surprise! This post is dedicated to you and is all about YOU on your special day! Happy FIRST Father's Day! It has been so awesome to watch you become a dad. You have been beyond supportive every step of the way; through my pregnancy, through the birth and NICU experience and now on into our new life as parents. You didn't even flinch when we found out we were having twins and you've really jumped in with both feet. You're a natural and I'm sooooo blessed to have you to go on this crazy journey with!

Most of all, Tanner & Tori are so blessed to have you as their father!


We love you so much -

Leah, Tanner & Tori


Worm's Woman said...

Fabulous post!! Congrats to Brad and hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating this well deserved first holiday!!