Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Tricks...

Hi everyone,
Mommy was busy so she wanted us to take over for this post. So, we decided we would show you some of our new tricks and what we've been up to for the past few days....

Mom opened up the shutters in the playroom this morning and helped us hold on to the windowsills so we could stand and look out at the world! There really is a lot of cool stuff to look at outside.... we saw flowers, bushes, grass, trees and birds.
"Wow, look at you! You're standing!"
"Oops, I lost my balance, but Mom helped me back up to try again!"
"Hi Mom! What's Mom doing out there? I don't know, but it's pretty funny!"
"Wow, look at the big, blue sky!"
"And all the beautiful flowers!"

We really enjoyed this new activity and hope Mom will let us do it again... maybe tomorrow!

And now, here is something we LOVE to do to make Mommy laugh! We like to scrunch up our nose and face while blowing in and out of our nose. We know, it's very silly, but we like to make Mommy laugh... and this reeeeeeally cracks her up!

Yesterday, we had another "swimdate" with our twin friends, Raleigh & Ryder... remember them from last week? This time, they brought their boats too, so we were all floating in style!

Here's all four of us with R&R's mommy, Meredith

And, last but not least, Mommy let us have lunch outside on the patio!

Well folks, that's about all we have to report today. Thanks for reading our first-ever blog.... it wasn't too bad, huh? Mommy already proofed our work and was quite impressed with our first attempt. She said she just might let us do this more often!

Thanks for reading.

Sweet dreams,
Tanner & Tori


Alli Byers said...

Oh my goodness! Their scrunched noses are so adorable, Leah! So cute! It was great running into you the other day!