Friday, June 6, 2008

We're 10 Months Old!!!

Look how big we're getting.... we're little people now!

With two 10-month-olds, the personalities are in full-bloom around the Ball household! We've got a couple of comedians around here... Tanner & Tori are quite entertaining lately and keep me giggling throughout the day, and I know it will only increase. It seems like the "talking" has kicked in to high gear overnight and they jibber-jabber all day long from the time they wake up until they talk themselves to sleep at night. The most common things we're hearing currently are "Ba-ba-ba-ba" and TONS of "Da-da-da-da." Occasionally, they throw in a "Ma-ma-ma-ma" for good measure, but it's pretty much just "Da-da-da-da" all the time! SOOOOOOOO sweet! I love their little voices! It's funny the difference in their voices... his sounds very "boy," if you will, and hers sounds like a "girl" voice.

Okay, now for the fun stuff.......

Here are some of our unique individual quirks:

Little Miss Rockstar... Tori has perfected the "One-Handed-Bottle-Hold"!!!

Tori does this cute little "shoulder-shrug" thing when she plays with her toys... she will lift the toy up over her head and shrug her shoulders.... it cracks me up! I might be the only one who finds this funny.......

The picture doesn't really do it justice, so here's a video so you can see what I'm talking about:

Sorry, it's a little on the long side.... I couldn't stop filming her because it just cracks me up watching her do that! P.S. That's Tanner in the background with hiccups.

Okay, I know this one is blurry, but I had to get a picture of Tanner's "Video Game Face" as we've affectionately named it. He has just started doing this thing with his mouth (just like a guy playing video games) where he purses his lips when he's really concentrating on something.... it's hilarious!

And here are some pictures from our fun week.........

Earlier this week, we had our other twin friends over to play and swim! This is Tanner and Tori playing with Raleigh and Ryder... they just turned 1 and boy, are they ADORABLE!

Tori and Raleigh playing (notice Tanner rolling in the background!)

Our friends Cason and Lexi came over to swim too, so we had SIX kids in the pool.... it was great FUN!!!

Here's Raleigh and Ryder with their mom, Meredith..... so CUTE!

And I HAD to get a picture of this..... folks, you've just witnessed a miracle. Victoria Kay Ball fell asleep in the stroller at the mall yesterday!!!!!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! It was awesome.... I was able to walk around for about 30 minutes more than I had planned because I didn't want to wake them. I could get used to this!

And here we are out to dinner with mom and dad last night, having fun playing with our place mats. Tori even tried avocado for the first time and LOVED it!


Bobby, Heidi, Ethan and Annaliese said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Could they be any cuter? You can really see their personalities coming out! I cracked up at the pool pic with everyone in the pool - if you had any more floats and kid gear in the pool, there wouldn't be any surface area left! :-) I also see that Tori's hair is getting long enough for a hairbow without the headband!
P.S. I'll call you next week to see if I can swing by sometime to return your pie plate (sorry I haven't brought it back yet).