Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Week with Nana & Papa

I thought this would be a fun comparison.....

Here's Tanner & Tori with Nana & Papa at their last visit (Notice Tanner, the genius, already waving at the camera! LOL!) - 2 Months old

And here is the same shot "reenacted" yesterday - 9.5 Months old

We had a great week with my dad and stepmom! They traveled down from Denver last Saturday and we met them down at my grandmother's farm on Sunday afternoon. We spent Sunday evening and all day Monday (Memorial Day) with them at the farm and then headed back so Brad could get back to work on Tuesday. They stayed down at the farm to visit with Maw Maw until Wednesday, then they came up and spent the rest of the week at our house until they left yesterday morning.

Here's a slideshow of our week with Nana & Papa...........

Then, yesterday afternoon, Tanner & Tori got to swim with their cousins Kaleigh & Hunter for the first time. Chris (Brad's oldest brother), Katrina (sister-in-law), Frank (aka Grampa), Kaleigh and Hunter came over to swim and have a cookout for dinner. We grilled up some hot dogs and burgers and then ended the evening by roasting s'mores in our firepit... it was a GREAT time!

Here are some pics of that.....

I'm amazed I've found the time to post such a big update today, but the babies have napped REALLY well all day! I guess they're worn out from all the excitement of extra people in the house and all the swimming we've done the past couple of days! Currently, they've BOTH been asleep for 2 hours... somebody pinch me, I don't really know what to do with myself!

By the way, if you ever have trouble finding me this summer.... I'll be in the pool EVERY SINGLE DAY letting my kids get nice and worn out for great naps!

In just the 3 times they've been swimming, I've discovered this proven scientific formula:


Alright, I'm out.... have a great week everyone!


thetriggers said...

Hey Leah-
Great to catch up on you all. Those babies to just precious! Thanks for your sweet post on our blog. Hope to see you soon!