Friday, May 30, 2008

Keller Fest

Okay, okay people! First off, I gotta say... we had a WAY bigger response than we ever imagined on the "To Blog or Not to Blog?" poll!!!!! Wow, I guess we really do have readers out there in bloggerland! So, due to the overwhelming majority of votes, I will go ahead and close the polls and we will continue to bore you with the mundanities of our life! LOL! Seriously though, thanks for the comments and response on the question... this helps us out!

Alright, and now on to today's "breaking news"......

We had a great time this evening at Keller Fest. I sang with our band and vocal group from church and Brad and the babies joined me. It was nice to get them out in the fresh air around lots of people... they love to "people-watch" and seemed to be very entertained by the whole thing, even though we kept them out past their bedtime!

Here are some photos from the fun!

Here we are just kickin' back in the stroller with our cool shades on!
Havin' fun with the Met Worship Band! (L-R: Bernard, Sarah, Rob, Leah, Eric, Heather)
Rob, Leah, Eric & Heather
Luke & Brianna (Sarah's kiddos) came over to say hello to the twins...
...and Tanner scored his FIRST KISS!!! I'm gonna have to watch out for this boy!
Sleepy girl with daddy at sunset..... awwwwww

We've had a fun week with my dad and stepmom in town from Denver. They are here until Sunday, so I will post all about our fun with them, including pictures, sometime early next week after they leave... Stay tuned!