Friday, April 25, 2008

The Week in Pictures...

Here are some pictures from our week......

Happy Boy during playtime

Tori concentrating on her toys

When she plays, it's like serious study time! She focuses intensely and studies each toy with such curiosity and concentration. It's so fascinating to watch! I wonder if she will be a very "attention-to-detail"-type person?

Look Mom, no Bumbo!

Tanner is doing excellent sitting up on his own. He is able to sit up for intervals of over one minute before toppling over! He is also getting very close to crawling, but in the meantime, he has figured out how to roll around the playroom. I'm constantly finding him under things (my office chair, their bouncy seats, the jumper), which reminds me of a funny story from this week...

I had put Tanner on the floor to play and Tori was in the jumper jumping like crazy, as usual. I had to leave the room for a minute for something and I could hear Tanner squealing and laughing and Tori was fussing and sounded like she was frustrated. I went back to check on them and Tanner had rolled up underneath the jumper and was laughing and squealing and having the best time watching Tori's legs and feet jump all over him. And she was fussing out of frustration since he was in her way and she couldn't do all her impressive jumping moves! I was CRACKING up! Too bad the camera wasn't handy, I would've loved to get that scene on video!!! HA!

Look Mom, me too!

Tori is also doing very well with sitting on her own. She isn't quite as strong and balanced as Tanner, but she can make it almost a minute before falling over. Look how hard she's concentrating!

Here we are sitting together! (Tori was too busy reading a book to look at the camera!)

And last, but not least.....
Check out this sleepyhead. We got back from our evening walk the other night and somebody was more than ready for bedtime! Which reminds me...

Tanner has been getting VERY tired early in the evening (6:30-7:00 pm) and not making it all the way to bedtime very well (Our bedtime routine typically starts at 7:00 or shortly after - bath, jammies, bottles - and they're in bed by 7:30). I suspect he's been having a hard time because his roommate (I won't name any names!) has been interrupting his afternoon nap, so I don't think he's getting enough sleep during the day.... poor little guy! I think I might try setting up a pack 'n play in another room and try separating them for naps to see if this helps.

On a good day, morning and afternoon naps last about 2 hours but, like clockwork, Tori always wakes up crying/screaming an hour into the nap. Sometimes she is able to put herself back to sleep and sleep for another hour, but sometimes not. Of course, these episodes wake Tanner up. If she goes back to sleep, he will too, but if not, nap time is officially over and I've got TWO sleepy/cranky babies on my hands! Thankfully, they're sleeping 12-13 hours through the night (7:30 pm - 8:00/8:30 am) so they're getting plenty of solid sleep there.

I know they're nowhere close to being ready for just one nap a day, but I wonder why she is only sleeping for one hour intervals at a time? Any ideas? Suggestions on how to get her to stay asleep during naps would be greatly welcome!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


sarah said...

What great pictures Leah!! I wish I had suggestions on the whole sleep issue. We STILL struggle with naps from time to time.