Monday, April 28, 2008

Problem Solved?

This is TOOOO CUTE!!! Let me give you the story behind this picture:

Here's what happened..... I think we might be on to something!

Miss Diva woke up crying, as usual, about an hour into this morning's nap and of course, all the commotion woke her brother up. He got upset too, so I brought her out with me so he would calm down and go back to sleep. Well, of course she started rubbing her eyes and yawning because she really was still tired.

So I took her back in and rocked her and was going to put her back down in her bed, but she kept looking over at brother in his bed so I walked over to his bed with her and they smiled at each other, so I thought, "What the heck, they're both awake, I'll just try it."

So, they laid there and laughed and smiled and played for awhile (I was listening to all this on the monitor) and finally it got really quiet so I just went in to check on the situation, and they're both sound asleep! ADORABLE!!!
Maybe she missed him and just wanted to be near him..... isn't that sweet!!!?!?!

Maybe this could be the solution to our nap problem!


Daniel & Hayley said...

that's so sweet!!!

Alli Byers said...

That is the sweetest picture! Hope they are napping much easier now!