Sunday, April 20, 2008

March for Babies A Success!

We had a great time yesterday at the March of Dimes' March for Babies walk. There was a great turnout - I'm not a very good judge of crowds, but it was definitely several thousand, probably 5,000-ish??? Anyhow, it was a BIG crowd! We finished the 3.5 mile walk in 45 minutes and then had about an hour to kill before it was time to meet our group over at Joe T. Garcia's for lunch.

I have to brag on our team and my hubby a little...
CONGRATULATIONS to the Bank of Texas team for the winning t-shirt and a special thanks to Brad Ball of Ardent Creative for the fabulous winning design!!! Here is the winning t-shirt design:

Now, for the rest of the GREAT news.... did you see how much we ended up raising?!?!?!!! We exceeded our goal of $1,000 and ended up with donations totaling $1,200!!!!! WOW! Apparently, we underestimated the generosity of our friends and family! You guys are AWESOME and we THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support of this very worthy cause!

Here are some pictures from the day......

It was very inspiring to see how many people were there and how many had actually been personally affected by prematurity. It was also very sobering to see the many signs and t-shirts honoring babies that did not survive their premature births. It's just a reminder of how lucky and absolutely blessed we are to have had the outcome we had with Tanner and Tori. I cannot imagine life without either one of them and am so thankful to God for their health!