Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's our very first Valentine's Day today and we celebrated by going to visit a couple of people we love. First, we stopped by Daddy's office and brought him lunch. He let us hang out with him for awhile and told us how cute we looked in our Valentine's outfits. Next, mommy drove us to the bank so we could see Grammy and take her two balloons for her office. Everyone there enjoyed seeing us and couldn't believe how big we have gotten! We had a lot of fun spreading the love on Valentine's Day! When we got home, mom made us take pictures before our nap... here's a few pictures from that:

The Sweetpeas
Mommy's little sweetheart
Prince Charming (Notice what his shirt says... this is SO TRUE! A true mama's boy!)
Tanner decided the bed was too comfy to lift his head up for a photo!


Daniel & Hayley said...

They are precious!!!