Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Dedication

So sorry for the delay in posting these pictures... we didn't have the card reader to the camera at home this weekend or they would've been posted on Sunday afternoon. It was at Brad's office, so we had to wait until he was there today (he worked from home yesterday) for him to get the pics off of the camera. So, thanks for being patient, our faithful blog readers! :)

It was a very nice ceremony. The children's pastor, Mike, called us down front with the babies and introduced us and the babies to the church. He then shared the meanings of both their names with the church and we prayed over them and dedicated their lives back to God. We had a great group of family and friends with us that morning - Grampa (Brad's dad), Grammy (my mom), great-grandma (my grandmother, a.k.a. Maw Maw), Chris (Brad's brother), Katrina, Kaleigh & Hunter, Matt & Wendy (friends of ours), David & Sarah (friends of ours/Brad's business partner) Andy & Kathryn (my stepbrother and his wife) and Jan Giles (my grandma's niece/dad's cousin and Ball family friend).

It was a special day and we were so blessed to be surrounded by people we love and that love us and the babies! Thanks to all of you for sharing with us!

The four of us with Pastor Vic
L to R: Maw Maw, Pastor Vic, Grampa, Grammy, Mommy & Tori, Daddy & Tanner

Same as above plus Pastor Randy on far right

Pastor Vic praying over Tori - Pastor Randy praying over Tanner