Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shoes and other News...

Mommy has been having WAY too much fun this week putting shoes on us for the first time (because they finally fit!). Tori doesn't mind them (a girl after my own heart!), but Tanner screams like he's being tortured and curls up his toes every time I try to put them on! It's really funny... and kinda sad. :(

In other news... we had our 4 month checkup yesterday and everyone is doing great! Dr. Tran told us we can start introducing baby cereal and applesauce... they're growing up!

We're growing like crazy... our weights yesterday were:
Tanner 13 lbs., 3.5 oz.
Tori 11 lbs., 10 oz.

This afternoon, I took the babies to Target and bought them their first baby bowls and spoons, along with the rice cereal and applesauce. When Brad got home, we tried out the applesauce with Tori..... it was a HIT!!! She loved it!!! (Guess she has a sweet tooth like someone else I know!) It was so cute seeing her try to figure out how to eat from a spoon. Her little tongue kept curling like she was trying to suck a bottle. She fussed when we took the spoon away... she wanted more and more! We didn't get to try it with Tanner yet because he slept all evening! I had to wake him up for his bath and bedtime feeding! Cross your fingers that he doesn't wake up at 2 am wanting to party all morning!

Tori's first applesauce!


Daniel & Hayley said...

I love all the pictures!!!