Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Best of 3 Months...

Here is a slide show of some of my favorite pictures from the babies' 3rd month. I know there's still another week of pictures to take until they're officially 4 months old, but I couldn't wait to share these... Enjoy!

As you can see, they're changing so much all the time (and getting cuter and cuter all the time, if I do say so myself!). Their necks are getting much stronger (as you can see in the tummy time pics) and they are able to control them pretty well now. They have both been smiling here and there for a couple of weeks now, but for the past couple of days, today in particular, they've had an EXPLOSION of smiles! They both smiled like crazy all day today. It seemed like every time I looked at Tanner today he would flash me his adorable grin (and most of the time, I didn't even have to talk "goo-goo-gushy-baby-talk" to him for him to smile)... LOL! Tori smiled a lot today too, but even more than smiling, she was very VERBAL... cooing and squealing like crazy! It's so precious... it makes my heart skip a beat every time!

How did I get so blessed to have these two in my life?!?!!! As you can see, I'm ruined forever!