Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We're 4 Months Old!

So, I realize I'm 5 days late for the 4 month post, but I really wanted to post a Santa picture for 4 months and as of last week, I still did not have an outfit for Tanner. So, we finally got up to the mall this morning and were the second ones in line! Another little boy beat us only by 2 minutes or so. So... we skipped all the germs in line and all the germs that would've been all over Santa after several kids (sorry, I'm a germophobe these days!) and we were back home and in our comfy clothes less than an hour later - mission accomplished!

Now, about this ugly Santa Claus background... I have noooooo idea where it came from! Last week, I put up the cute blue snowflake background and this week, it changed to this weird Santa background. At first, I thought someone had hacked into our blog and started changing things up, but after I tried to reload the blue snowflake background, this Santa background is what popped up again. So Brad informed me, in perfect IT language, that the code for the blue layout must have been changed on their server and is no longer available... or at least that's what I got from his way-over-my-head technical garble. So, I apologize to all you regulars, this will have to do until after Christmas when I can find a generic background that can stay up more permanently.

Okay, enough of that... I'll leave you with a few other recent pics:

After we got home this morning, I wanted to get individual shots of them before the cute outfits came off. Tanner was up for one more picture...

...but Tori was more than ready to get out of her dress! haha!!

From Monday, all bundled up to go pick up Grammy from the airport

And finally, if you need a good laugh, click on the following link: