Friday, January 27, 2012

Settling In to Our New "Normal"

(Disclaimer: please forgive the poor photo quality... these were all taken from my phone... it's just more convenient since it's always with me!) ;-)

Daddy went back to work this week, so it was my first official week by myself on the "new job" and I have to say, it went pretty well! He did take the kids to school on Monday and Tuesday morning to help me out, but I picked them up every afternoon. Next week, I will be back to morning drop off AND afternoon pick up... yikes!!! I'll report back next week with how many mornings we were late to school! Ha! :-)

Here's a picture of Madi and I on our first morning home together alone... I was pretty happy to have her all to myself! She's a sweetie!

On Tuesday afternoon, we played dress up. I was trying to get some pretty shots of her for her birth announcement, so I got her undressed down to her diaper and got a few different areas set up for some shots (different blankets for backdrops, even a basket to put her in). I had everything ready so I could work quickly before she got fussy. I snapped my first shot and my camera said "Card Full." Ugh. I tried my two backup memory cards and, I kid you not, they were both full too! So, needless to say, we've had to delay the photo shoot until sometime this weekend. But, here is a cute one I captured on my phone camera... she is a DOLL (if I do say so myself!) ;-)

Wednesday evening, she had her first submersion bath (since her umbilical stump had fallen off a few days before). She liked this much better than the sponge baths she had been getting - probably because she stayed warmer - but I just thought it was adorable that she fit in my bathroom sink!

And finally, Thursday morning she had her 2-week checkup. Her pediatrician was pleased with how she is growing... she was up to 7 lbs., 14 oz. so she has surpassed her birth weight and had already grown an inch since birth, up to 20 inches from 19 inches!

So, that's this week's update. We are really enjoying her. So far, she's a very sweet, content baby who soothes easily and we seem to be learning her cues and cries, which helps keep her, and everyone, happy! ;-)

Big brother and big sister adore her too... I still can't believe I have three kids, holy moly!!! They have been great helpers and they're growing up so much, taking more responsibility and have been getting better at following our directions/requests.

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Jara said...

Congrats on your precious bundle! She is a doll baby!!!