Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Santa...

This morning, as I was cleaning out the kids' school folders, I found some letters to Santa that they worked on at school yesterday.... they were too cute not to share!

Dear Santa,
I would like some Star Wars legos, a train set, trains, Star Wars costumes, and lots of Star Wars toys. Bring Mommy a book and Daddy a bathtub. Bring my sister a babydoll.


Dear Santa,
Bring me a diaper changing thingy and a baby. I want a snuggly pillow pet, paper and glitter. Bring my brother Tanner i-Cars. Bring my Daddy a cartoon for the TVs in his car. My mom wants a lot of necklaces.


They crack me up! Tanner: "Bring Daddy a bathtub"?!?!! HA! and Tori: "Bring Daddy cartoons for his TVs in his car"!!!! (yes, so YOU can watch them! HA!)

So cute to see what their little minds are dreaming up! Can't believe Christmas is next week!

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Katie Garrett said...

Those are too cute! Love their little ones they ask for everyone else - so precious :)

Jara said...

Those are priceless:) Too cute!