Sunday, June 5, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog material, to bring you this special announcement on location at the beach:

Tanner & Tori want you to know they will soon be the Big Brother & Big Sister!

That's right, folks! We got a major shock last week when we found out we are expecting a sweet surprise next January! Ball Baby #3 is due January 21! Yikes! Three kids!

Let me take you back to last week, just a couple of days after I found out, to the moment I dropped the bombshell on the Daddy-to-be:

So, this was definitely not part of our plan and came as a total surprise, but we ultimately trust God and His plan for our family, so we are trying to get used to the idea of another little blessing on the way! We're so thankful God gives us 9 months to prepare... ha!!

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Jara said...

awww, Roni told us today at church, CONGRATS!!!! We know the feeling times two - both of ours were God's little "gifts":) He knows what he's doing though!!!

freakinfreak said...

congratulations :)

Mary said...

Yea!!! Another bouncing baby Ball!

Katie Garrett said...

YAYYYY!! Congratulations! That's such exciting news, and I'm sure Tanner & Tori will be great big brother and big sister :)