Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We enjoyed a fun and relaxing extended (as in 5 days long!) Thanksgiving weekend this year! On Thanksgiving Day, we drove to Granbury to have lunch and a brief visit with Brad's family. Then on Friday morning, we picked up my brother and headed South to the family farm to visit with my uncle and cousins for the day.

Upon arriving, the kids were amazed at the amount of leaves that had fallen in the yard around the house and immediately wanted to play in them. So, my cousin Gus stepped right up as the DLR (Designated Leaf Raker) to keep these two entertained while Brad and I got everything unloaded and settled.

Here's a cute video of them in action:

After a late lunch, it was football time!
LOVE this shot of Miss Thang trying to be "one of the boys" (same stance and everything, ha!)
Great action shot!

And of course, no 4C Thanksgiving would be complete without a shot of the whole group!

After a peaceful night at the farm, it was on to San Marcos to meet my mom and her two friends for lunch before heading into Wimberley for the weekend. Mom rented a great cabin this year and it was soooooo relaxing and wonderful! We stayed from Saturday to Tuesday and enjoyed nature walks, playing by the river, shopping in town and we even got to take the kids to a wonderful Festival of Lights that started that weekend... what fun!
I tried to get a good shot of Grammy and her grandtwins by the river... too bright! Squint, squint!

That's a little better... aww!! (Tori refused to part with her crayons for the picture though, so what you see is what you get!)

After playing by the river each day, throwing rocks in and making splashes, Tanner got a brave streak on our last day at the cabin and decided to experiment with throwing himself in too! Or maybe it was a bored streak... whatever it was, he sure spiced things up a bit and gave his mom a heart attack! I thought I was going to have to jump in after him a couple of times... but he had so much fun:

(The water was FREEZING!!!)

Soaking. Wet.
He is ALL BOY!

Hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving too! We're looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season!

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