Monday, October 25, 2010

Smart Preschoolers

The kids are having a great year in preschool this year. It has been so much fun to watch them just taking off in their learning! I am amazed almost daily at what they are picking up; new vocabulary, the things they recite and songs they're singing after they've been at school... they are like little sponges!

Here is the latest thing they've been working on:

I was so impressed! The only part Tanner left out was the "under God" part and then he says, "... with justice-y and justice for all," but other than that, he was spot on! It's funny to see the difference in their learning styles already. Tori has been working on the Pledge for a week or so now, but Tanner would just sit back and stay really quiet when she said it, so I was thinking he just didn't know it yet. Well, he just started saying it out of nowhere the other day and it came out so clearly and perfectly, that I knew I had to grab the camera! She will dive right in and try things, even if she makes mistakes, but Tanner prefers to take it all in and observe. What's interesting is that, by doing so, he usually learns things correctly and will recite something almost perfectly from the first try.

Tori is my little singer and can be heard making up all sorts of songs all throughout the day. It is precious! She picks up lyrics really quickly and easily, like her mom, so she comes home singing a different song almost every time I pick her up. One of her neighbor friends recently got a toy microphone and the two of them fought over it one evening while playing outside. I remembered an old computer microphone I had laying around that I never use, so I cut the cord off of it and gave it to her, and she's been a little performer ever since... ha!!! She likes to line up all their play chairs up in the playroom and then stand on top of the play table as a stage and make us all sit and watch her as she dances around and sings... it is a HOOT! She had all of us up there for a performance this past Saturday (Brad, Tanner & myself), I'm sure it was a sight to see. I will have to catch this on video soon! But I'll have to be sneaky... she tends to be a little camera shy!

That's all for now, just wanted to document this fun time before I forget it!

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Jara said...

Too cute!!! I love how Tori says "indivisible" at the end:)