Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Wow, we have two three-year-olds... I can hardly believe it! What an exciting, busy and fun weekend we had celebrating Tanner & Tori's 3rd birthday. Here are some pictures of the festivities:

We woke up early Saturday morning and gave the kids their birthday gifts from us.
Tanner walked right by his new set of golf clubs and was thrilled to have more cars and a car showroom! The boy is still obsessed with cars... it's so adorable!

Tori was so excited about her new kitchen! It's been so neat to watch both their creativity and pretend play start to explode with an interactive/imaginative toy like this!

Here's Tanner giving his new chopper a test drive... he didn't want to try the pedals so he just "walked" it around the living room. Again, it has wheels so he was in LOVE... this guy is easy to please!

Before we left for the party, we tried to get a picture of the birthday kids together with their cute Dora & Diego birthday shirts...

Birthday Hugs

Sweet birthday kisses... they just melt me!

Daddy and Tori waiting to jump... here they are showing off their matching arm bands. Tori was so excited to go in and could hardly wait to play!

My TALL three-year-old... too tall to play in the Sesame Street jumper already?!?!?!

Tanner, Tori and Lexi having a bouncy blast!

Our cutie nephews, Jaden (4) & Dylan (8)

Tanner and his cousin Hunter playing on the slide

Peekaboo! Our niece Kaleigh (11)

Birthday boy sliding...

Birthday girl sliding...

Daddy sliding...

Lexi and Tori on the slide

My sweet girl having a blast!

They even got Mommy to play!

The Peanut Gallery: Uncle Chris, Aunt Kat & Uncle Andy, observing the kiddie mayhem!

Smith Ladies: Aunt Mary, Traci & Mom

Hunter & Dylan

Uncle Chris trying to teach Tanner how to hold up "three"... isn't that sweet?!?! My bubba is such a sweet uncle!

The party group - 15 hot, sweaty kids ready for some "happy cake"!!!!!

YUMMM... the Dora "happy cakes" (as Tori called them)

Party time!

Tanner enjoyed his happy cake...

...and Tori was still savoring every last bite. My girl ADORES a good "happy cake"!!!

My precious THREE-year-olds in the birthday seat at the end of the party... just can't believe they're 3 already!

It simply amazes me how fast they're growing and how swiftly the years are going by! I don't want to get all sappy, but it really is bittersweet. It's such a mix of emotions, actually. It's exciting because they're growing and gaining more and more independence, but it's bittersweet because they will never be this small again. I've got to get some video soon of them talking, because I don't ever want to forget how cute their voices sound and how they pronounce certain words. I've tried recently to record them and, every time they see the camera, they stop what they are doing, so I will have to do a "hidden camera" recording soon!

So, now that we have two "official" three-year-olds, the question we get more than ever now is, "When is number three coming?" We both feel very settled that our family is complete. I wavered a bit for awhile, but I'm now fully able to see how full my plate is and I just don't think I could handle three children. That sounds like so many kids to me! I'm so enjoying our little family of four - it feels perfect! So, there you have it, no more Ball babies.

Your Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever comprehend! xoxoxo

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