Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around...!!!"

We had a great time away last week... lots of driving, driving and more driving. We arrived at KCU (Kentucky Christian University) in Grayson, Kentucky two Sundays ago (6/27) and had so much fun hanging out with Brad at the camp for a couple of days while he painted and hung out with all the high school kids. Tanner (aka "Mr. Social") just ate. it. up. He is such an outgoing people person, it was so much fun to watch!

Last Tuesday morning (6/29), the kids and I left Brad in Kentucky to finish out the week at camp while we drove to Maryland to spend the rest of the week with Brad's Uncle Daniel, Aunt Holly and cousins Zoe (11) and twins Ally & Kassy (9).

Our drive to Maryland went pretty well, but was a bit more tricky since I was alone with the kids. It was hard to explain to them that I couldn't just hand them their blanket, pillow, Magnadoodle, sippy cup, etc., but the biggest challenge was not being able to break up their backseat scuffles since I was the one driving.

Well, we were driving right along, everything was peaceful. I was enjoying the gorgeous scenery, Tori was quietly watching a DVD and Tanner was napping. And by napping, I mean the boy was OUT. Sawing logs, drooling, head drooped over in his car seat... the kid was having a seriously good nap. The next thing I know, Tanner is screaming at the top of his lungs! Startled out of my blissful daydream, I crank my rear view mirror down to see whatintheworld is going on. Tori had reached over, grabbed his hand, and was chomping down on his fingers!!! I was furious!!! And trying to get on to her and get her to stop with my arm flailing behind me into the backseat while barreling down the freeway at 70 mph was not working. Luck was on my side though, as I looked up to see a sign for a Rest Area in 1 mile.... thank you, Lord!

So, still fuming, I pulled off the Interstate and was surprised to see a winding, uphill drive to get to the rest area. I followed the drive all the way up to the top of the steep hill, pulled around to the parking lot and looked for the nearest space I could find so I could throw the truck into Park, grab my naughty daughter out of the backseat and administer some much needed discipline. Well, as I pulled into the parking space, I literally gasped as I looked ahead of me and saw this:

The picture does it no justice at all, but it was the most beautiful, refreshing panoramic view of rolling hills, gorgeous green trees and a huge lake with boats dancing across the water. I was taken aback and was a bit speechless for a moment. I just sat there in awe of the scene.

But don't worry, Tori did get her much needed discipline, we all had a potty break and stretched our legs a bit, Mommy separated the car seats so the kids couldn't reach each other and then, I did what any sensible mother would do... I busted out the digital camera and took full advantage of this great photo op:

(it would definitely be greater if there were no cars in the picture!)

I can't decide if it's funnier that the heated situation turned into a "Rest Stop Photo Op" or that just 30 seconds before this photo was taken, the kids were screaming at each other, Tanner was crying from having his hand bitten, but in the photo they look so loving, like best buddies!?!?!?!!!

Or maybe the irony is that I was so fuming mad that my daughter was hurting my son and couldn't pull over fast enough and God totally wowed me... stopped me in my tracks with his beautiful creation and caused me to take a step back and "Breeeeaaaathe!"

I guess it was really Mom that needed to "chill" all along! Ha!

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