Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's with Nana & Papa!

We had an absolutely fabulous week away in Colorado over New Year's! We left town early December 30th with Brad's Dad and headed to Denver to spend a few days with "Nana & Papa," followed by 5 days in Crested Butte with Brad's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin from Shreveport.

Here are some of my favorite pics from our time in Denver:

Tanner & Tori enjoyed Papa's sleigh rides around the yard (and I think Papa enjoyed it too)!

I love how Tori is grinning up at my Dad in this one.... so sweet!

Tori loved helping Nana clean the table... she felt so big!

Time for Christmas gifts... Tanner got a "big rig"; a red one, just like the one Papa drives!

He was thrilled and wanted it opened right away! He calls it his "wi-wig".... too cute!

Tori and Nana at "Parade of Lights"

Tori with Aunt Mary, Uncle Aaron and Papa at Parade of Lights

Tanner all bundled up, sitting by one of the tractors... he was disappointed that he couldn't get on it and sit in the real seat! Poor bubba.

Too bad we couldn't get them to look at the camera for this shot, it would have been a cute pic! They were too interested in everything else around.

We had such a great two-and-a-half days hanging out with Nana and Papa and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed having their grand twins around too! ;)

Up next, our trip to Crested Butte! Stay tuned...

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