Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Galleria Girl Day!

I forgot how much I LOVE the Galleria! On Monday morning, Tori and I dropped Tanner off at his Aunt and Uncle's house to have "boy day" with his cousin Hunter while the girls (Tori, Kaleigh and I) trekked out to Dallas for a fun girl day! It was Kaleigh's very first trip to the Galleria, so I could hardly wait to get there and show her around. I especially couldn't wait for her to see the GIGANTIC, three-story Christmas tree in the middle of the ice skating rink!

After a quick stop for cookies and hot cocoa, we went all the way to the top floor to see the Christmas tree and observe the ice skaters below. I wanted her to get a sense of how tall the tree was. We were on the fourth floor and the tree was still taller!

(Disclaimer: Photo quality will not be as good as usual... I just took my little snapshot camera so I wouldn't have to keep up with my huge Canon. Would hate to break that on the ice!)

Here's Kaleigh with the tree:

Tori with the tree:

Next, we headed downstairs to the ice skating area. Here are the girls in front of the tree on the (almost) bottom floor (the ice skating rink is actually the bottom level):

My little ice princess:

Kaleigh caught on quickly and was a pro in no time!

Mommy and Tori enjoying the ice:

How sweet is this?!!

This is FUN!

The beautiful Christmas tree... look how many ornaments are on it! That must take weeks to decorate!

Lunchtime at Genghis Grill... Tori felt like BIG STUFF getting to hang out with Kaleigh all day! Just look at that GRIN!

We've already decided we need to go again when we have more time to skate. We were having so much fun but we all got hungry and lunchtime got in the way. Next time, we'll skate till we drop! And I could definitely shop till I drop out there.... great stores!

I had such a fun day with my two favorite girls!!!

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