Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ICE! 2009 at the Gaylord Texan

We had a great family outing to the Gaylord on Tuesday evening! It was certainly crowded, but no less magical or enjoyable as always. On our way to the Ice area, we took our time checking out all the trains in the atrium and took a few fun photos along the way.

Mommy and her cuties in a one-horse, open sleigh

My buddy was mesmerized with all the trains!


Cutest little engine captain in Grapevine!

"All Aboooooard!"

And now, for our Ice-ey fun!

All bundled up, ready for the COLD!

Cute Cousins!

Mom trying to keep her little penguins in line (pun intended! They did their best with the hour long wait in line but, they're only two, so it was a bit of struggle at times!) ;)

Case in point - This was hilarious! Tanner would lay down on the floor periodically for a little nap... it was hard work waiting so long! HA!

We're finally in... and it's SNOWING!!! (I love this picture, she was absolutely drowning in her coat, it was too cute!)

Taking it all in... They weren't too sure what to think at first, and then came the squeals as we got further along! So fun!

Here's the whole group, minus Brad (taking the photo) and Chris & Katrina.

Grampa and his boys!

The nativity scene was GORGEOUS!

My two cute guys!

After Ice, we went for a great (& late!) Mexican dinner at El Fenix. The kids slept HARD that night! (It's always a good night after they've played with their cousins... and I'm sure the excitement of the Gaylord helped too!)

Up next, CHRISTMAS!!!

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