Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2009: A Wondrous White Christmas!!!

Our eager little elves were so excited to come out and see what Santa had left!

Santa came for Tanner and Tori!!!

Santa brought Tanner his very own set of golf clubs! Daddy showed him how to use the iron.

Santa brought Tori her very own purse with her name embroidered on it and it was filled with lots of fun, girlie goodies!

Princess Bedhead... love it!

Mommy helped Tanner open his new trucks from Uncle Chris!

Happy faces... a tad overwhelmed, but full of joy and smiles all day long!

Oh! One more present... we almost forgot to open our gifts from Gee-Gee (Mom's sweet neighbor... remember from Halloween?). Notice her boots on the wrong feet.... priceless!

Tori got a flat wooden dress-up doll. She came with magnetic clothing (dresses, pants, shoes) that you can mix and match on the doll. Very cute and she LOVES it!!!

Tanner got a set of wooden tools, complete with screws, nuts and bolts, a hammer and wooden screwdriver!

After gift opening, we bundled up and headed outside to play in the Texas SNOW!!!
So disappointed this pic turned out blurry, but what a DOLL!

We eventually had to add a hat and mittens to the ensemble because the boy would NOT come inside... he was having a blast!

Can't wait to take them to the "real" snow tomorrow! We leave for Colorado in the morning with Brad's Dad. The first leg of our trip is in Denver to visit Nana & Papa (aka my Dad and Stepmom) for a couple of days, followed by 5 days in Crested Butte for some family skiing, snowmobiling and just plain fun with Brad's Aunt Sally, Uncle David and cousin Hilaire from Shreveport, who will be meeting us there!


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