Monday, November 9, 2009

Livin' It Up At Grammy's!

I thought I would take the time today to let everyone know how we're doing over at Grammy's house now that we've been settled in for a little over a week now.

Being 30, married with two kids and a dog, moving in with my mom was not something that was ever on my radar but, like I shared before, we were hitting walls left and right in our search for homes and rental properties. So, my dear, sweet, wonderful Mom invited us to stay with her in the interim and, I have to say, it's working out great for everyone! Mom and I are the best of friends and were already used to seeing each other multiple times a week and talking multiple times a day, so this is not too terribly much different.

The kids are LOVING being here and I know Grammy is eating it up too! I think this time at Mom's will prove to be a special time that we can look back on with fondness one day.

It is such a blessing that Mom offered her home to us. I know it was a sacrifice of her privacy, routine, etc., but we are truly thankful and hope that these next few months will draw us even closer as a family as we get to share our "everydays" together!

There are actually many American families nowadays that are adopting this more European living arrangement, where generations live together under one roof. It's actually pretty smart when you think about it. Do you or anyone you know live this way? What works/doesn't work about it? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me!

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Jara said...

Sorry I missed you on Sat. We had a blast at Southlake Town Sq. I want to go eat dinner at that restaurant that has the outdoor seating on the roof with live music:) We've eaten there before but just on the inside - GREAT pizza, can't remember the name:) Hope you had a Fantastic birthday! Welcome to the 30 club:)